Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q-We are starting a renovation project and need before and after images, plus some photographs of the works as they progress. Can you do this?

A- Yes! This is what I specialise in! I have experience of photographing exactly positioned images that will provide a powerful illustration of the project's achievements... Colour corrected, museum standard images spanning the work you are conducting and able to be used across your marketing campaigns and for your external funders. I would recommend a initial consultation in order to discuss the level of photography required and positioning your before and after images to highlight the differences and show off your project to its full potential. I have a range of packages to suit every budget from simple before and after images, to a full monthly photographic survey with additional 'pivotal moment' shooting days pre-agreed to coincide with those extra special moments in the life of a big project... and I guarantee my results! Get in touch as soon as you can - time is of the essence for these projects!

Q - What are your rates?

A- My day rate is £350 per day (£175 per half day). For that you get license free, edited, images - meaning that's all you pay! There are no hidden extras, no licenses to renew, no copyright issues, no extra editing costs. You pay for my time making the images and then they're all yours, to do with as you wish.   Please get in touch as rates can change depending on time of year, event times, photo requirements, etc. Also for larger projects and consultancy work, package deals can be negotiated giving you even more value for money. And remember - I guarantee my work and will always produce images to your specifications and needs.

Q- Can't I do it myself?

A- Maybe, if you are a good with a camera. But as I found out when I tiled my bathroom, I can do it... but a professional tiler would have done a much better job.  I would suggest you need professional photography tailored to your needs. There are many factors to think about, depending upon the assignment you require fulfilling. I aim to provide images that cross the specificity of one category. Meaning that if you need documentation photographs for your renovation project, I aim to give you images that conform to HLF standards as well as being able to be used across your marketing and social media, or even commercially or for your interpretive panels.  I am a professional photographer with over 20 years experience. I also have a PhD that focused on how photography creates knowledge in the museum space which gives me a unique insight into how photography can help you.   Do you really want to leave such an important job to an amateur??? My tiles may still be stuck to the wall (for now) but they'll always be a bit wonky.

Q- My company is not a "heritage" organisation but I am looking for photographs to use for a project we are undertaking, do you still work with non-heritage organisations?

A- My primary focus is to provide images for the cultural, heritage and museum industries. However, if you have a project that needs a form of documentation or some photos for commercial use then please get in touch, I'd be happy to help. However - I don't do weddings, sorry.

Q- We have an in-house digitisation officer; why do I need to hire you?

A- Digitisation officers are amazing people who know lots about digitising object collections, colour corrections and the technical aspects of object imagery. However, they are typically not experienced photographers with decades of practice... plus its always great to get a second eye, especially when it comes to non-object photography. Approaching a subject with a fresh perspective will often give you better images and images that can be used outside of the archive, across commercial and marketing requirements. Plus it gives your digitisation officer time to do the work they are paid to do.

Q- We have some ideas for photography that your website does not mention, do you do special requests?

A- Absolutely! Get in touch, I would love to discuss with you how I can help you achieve the photography you need.

Q- We need to digitise our collection, can you do this?

A- Yes, but it really depends on the size of the collection you need digitising. If its a few special objects then please get in touch, I'd be happy to help. If its thousands of objects then you will need a digitisation officer full time... get in touch below and I can advise you on how best to go about large scale collections photography projects on a consultancy basis. I can also provide training to newly placed digitisation officers, volunteers and curators.

Q- We have a lot of photographs we don't know what to do with. Any ideas?

A- Yes - LOTS! I am a trained photographic historian and have catalogued, researched and worked on many large photographic collections in major museums. I can give expert advice on curatorial aspects of your collection, collection care and provide high level primary research into your photographic collections and objects.  Go to the photographic history consultancy page here.