Commercial Imagery


Commercial Imagery For Museums and Historic Buildings

Make your collection work for you, and pay its way! I have experience of providing photographs of items from museum collections, and heritage buildings, for profitable bespoke branded products, guidebooks, catalogues, fliers, advertisements and anything else you can think of. From tote bags to t-shirts, your collection objects can help sustain the museum itself by using them as branding tools for retail items. I can help choose suitable objects, advise on copyright issues and photograph them specifically for your retail designs. I can also advise on design options and sourcing for production. I also provide specialist museum focused imagery for Advertising fliers, guidebooks, webpages, handouts, schools sessions pamphlets, loans box services - anything where you want your collection to work to attract visitors. Get in touch to discuss your needs.


Special Events for museums and historic buildings

How often do you spend time, effort and money on creating an exciting and fun event programme for your visitors but miss out on capturing the event for publicity or social media? I can take high quality events imagery that can be used across all of your publicity and marketing platforms. From schools sessions and workshops to museum lates, to festivals and one-off gala evenings or gallery and exhibition openings; feel confident that you will be able to share and advertise your hard work to all your potential visitors, as well as keep a great document of your events. Please feel free to contact me about pricing for events - prices can vary according to times/seasons and may not be as expensive as you imagine.