Historic Photography


Alternative Photography

But surely film photography is dead?!?!? No... its alive and well, albeit a little harder to find and use.   I love film and alternative photography and readily use them in many of my professional jobs. Infra Red photography, for example, is particularly useful in the heritage industry and can highlight things not seen with the naked eye. However, there are many other ways of using alternative-to-digital formats that can be useful in the museum and heritage worlds.

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Wet plate photography for Museums and historic buildings

Your photographic collection probably contains some wet plate photographs.   It was the most common form of photography between 1851-1880 and is still one of the most beautiful and exciting forms of photography today. I can provide portraiture of your staff or volunteers, as well as produce unique (uncopyable, original, and distinct) photographs of your museum or buildings using this historic process. The results are amazing and would be a prized addition to your collection, archive or use high resolution digital scans for your website or marketing.

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Photographic History education

I am a professional photographic historian. I can produce, supply and deliver educational programmes based around the history of photography, the processes involved and give demonstrations showing some of the more interesting aspects of historic photography. These can be tailored to any age range and are a fun and educational opportunity to engage with collection objects, learn a new skill or be amazed by the magic of non-digital photography. Get in touch with your requirements and we can discuss how best I can help achieve your educational goals.


Photographic research

As a photographic historian I am also able to help research your photographic collection. I have extensive research and archival experience, including at the British Museum, the Peabody Museum, Harvard, The Pitt Rivers Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, and many others.   I am able to advise on collections care, historic information about process and technology, and future curatorial aspects of your photographs in order to produce outstanding and important exhibitions. If you have a photographic collection and are not sure what you have, how best to use it, or even what its possibilities are, get in touch! Click the button below to find out how I can help.