Museum Photography

Photography for Museums and Galleries

 Museum Photography

Bespoke Photography Services for Museums and Galleries

Museum Photography

Whatever the size or focus your museum or gallery takes, you need the best photography you can get.

I specialise in providing a high quality, affordable photography service for museums and galleries, whatever your needs may be. From gallery openings, workshops, special events, new displays, imagery for interpretation panels, object photography, commercial images… I can provide all of these services.

I am a dedicated museum and heritage photographer. I have object handling, conservation and collection training from the British Museum, archival training and have been a practicing photographer for 25 years.

My sole focus is photography for the historic building, museum and heritage industries and have extensive experience making photographs for museums and galleries.

Museums have particular photographic needs, and often at a tight budget. Today, with funding and budgets being trimmed, photographs have to cross usual boundary lines - meaning they need to be able to be used across many platforms and many different contexts.

Commercial imagery for retail and events marketing, archival and documentation roles, staff and volunteer portraits for welcoming visitors, interpretation panels and use within museum displays… all of these, and many more, need high quality images.

Museum Photography

My aim is to provide photographs that can bu used in multiple different contexts across your museum departments. Don’t pay for different images for your archive and social media, use the same images across your marketing information and your commercial threads. Pay once, and gain beautiful (and useful) images for all your requirements.

I aim to deliver a truly collaborative service. Whatever you need photographs for, together we can create a bespoke project that will produce exactly the images you require. No licenses, no hidden fees. We will discuss and agree what you need and produce a plan which will create a photographic package that is designed from the beginning to satisfy your requirements. So whatever your photographic needs are, get in touch and we can design a photographic project together.