Object, Artifact, Collection and Display Photography

Object photography, collections digitisation, photography for museum display and interpretation, and museum artifact photography for the heritage industry, museums and historic houses.


Object, Artifact, Collections and Display Photography

Museum Collections photography

Object and collections photography, Digitisation and training

Our Museum Objects and collections are the most valuable asset we have. We spend fortunes, and years of our lives, cleaning them, protecting them, cataloguing them and displaying them. Therefore we should also be using high quality photographs for our catalogues and museum databases, publicity and marketing, or exhibition and display panels. I can provide such images for all of your needs. From single objects to entire collections, large or small, I can produce high quality object imagery for all of your needs. Also, I can provide highly detailed and practical training for you and your museum team, so you can produce your own high quality imagery as well as unbiased practical advice regarding training, equipment, funding and processes to complete entire digitisation projects. Click for more info.


rules are meant to be broken

For those special objects, perhaps the "standardised" view just isnt good enough?   Why conform to the usual rules when trying to make your objects standout to your visitors? Why not try something different, something as unique as the object you are displaying?   Even if you have an excellent museum digitisation officer or long term museum photographer on staff, I can provide a different aesthetic or view point that can make those special objects stand out from the rest of your archival imagery.

By using specialist photographic techniques, many of which are not typically associated with 'museum photography', I can provide the highest level of detail and accuracy that will achieve museum specification standards, but also stand out from the rest of the museum worlds 'standardised' imagery. Achieve something wonderful and exciting that will draw your visitors eye and show off your most prized collection pieces without sacrificing originality or quality.

My experience in producing amazing product and commercial studio shots for a variety of clients means I can help you achieve something totally unique for your visitors. Get images on your interpretation panels that would not look out of place in a commercial advertisement. The two images here detail what I mean… the bottom image is a typical product style image, suitable for advertising in the commercial world. The top image is a museum object, photographed in order to highlight the details and colour accuracy (to museum object standards) but in a exciting, modern and original way. Images like these can be used for guide books, catalogues, auction brochures, advertising and marketing as well as within your museum displays. They draw the eye and present a modern and powerful image of the object for your visitors.

Auction houses and antiques sales are also notable beneficiary of this form of photography.

Get in touch to find out how we can make your auction catalogue or museum brochure or marketing eye catching and exciting.

Museum Object Photography

Photography for museum displays

Interpretation and Exhibition Panels

Create more visually engaging displays and panels by including exciting and beautiful photographic imagery. I have contributed images of both collection items not currently on display, or larger images to offer context to the collection. Photography can provide an excellent resource for display and exhibition panels to help interpretation of your collections or buildings. Some collection objects are too big, or too delicate to display, some exhibitions require imagery of buildings, details, or objects not immediately accessible by your visitors or perhaps your exhibition needs to show something entirely outside of your control. I have previously provided images of everything from tiny coins, too delicate to go on display, to entire town streets, buildings and archaeological discoveries for display on exhibition panels. If it can be photographed, it can be in your exhibition. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.