Heritage photography services for museums, galleries and heritage organisations

Heritage Photography Services

Bespoke Photographic Services for Historic Buildings, Museums and Heritage Organisations

Whether you are a Historic House, Museum, Restoration Project, Heritage Site, Archaeological Project or other heritage organisation, I can provide a value-for-money high quality photographic service designed specially to suit your needs. Document your historic buildings, create valuable archival imagery, add flair to your commercial and retail arms, high quality museum standard object photography for your CMS, gain insightful qualitative and quantitative research to your photographic collections or develop educational programmes for all ages about photography and its processes… whatever you need, I can help. Please see below for just some of the services I can provide. If you need a photographic service not mentioned, please get in touch and we can create a bespoke service together.

Historic Building Photography

Historic building and restoration Photography

Document and Capture the magic of your historic building or heritage site through exciting photographs. For your archive or promotional materials, I can provide high quality photographs for all your needs. If you are planning a restoration or development programme, document the change through before and after photography. I can also offer more regular site visits if you decide you would like to document interim stages of the development. I can also photograph any specially funded projects besides building redevelopment work including workshops, education programmes and special events.

Museum Staff and Volunteer portraiture

Personnel and Volunteer Portraiture

Modern, creative portraiture offers the opportunity to showcase the originality of your institution, and creativity and dynamism of your staff and organisation. Provide a human face for your visitors or highlight your volunteers and the hard work they do with great portraiture.

Museum Photography

Photography for Museums and galleries

Whether your a small local history collection or a large international museum organisation, you need high quality photographs! Events, workshops, gallery openings, marketing and promotion… the list is endless. I can provide high quality images for all of your needs. Bespoke project photography at reasonable rates that can be used across your media platforms or archive - whatever you need photographs of your museum for, get in touch.

Museum commercial photography

Publicity and Commercial Imagery

Document your community engagement and educational activities. I love to create dynamic, joyful and genuinely interesting images which you will be proud to share in your publicity and marketing material. I can also produce Photographic imagery for bespoke product lines and retail opportunities and advise on the commercial possibilities of your object photographs and collection imagery.

Wet Plate Photographs for Museums and Galleries

Historic Photography for Museums and Heritage Buildings.

Add to your collection or archive images of your building or people made using the Victorian Wet Plate Photography process. Unique art objects that can be a valuable addition to your collection, or for your website.

Museum Object Photography

Object, Artifact, and Display Photography

From objects to landscapes, to city streets or your building; if you need photographs of your objects, buildings or for your displays, I can help.   I can provide high quality museum standard object photography, capable of using across your collection archive as well as on your interpretation panels. Or I can provide something a little different for those who want their special objects to stand out to their visitors. If you need any form of imagery for your panels, get in touch. I also can provide consultancy advice and training to help in all aspects of your photographic needs.

Photography collection research Analogue process photography

Photographic History research, processes and Consultancy

I can provide research and interpretation for your historic photographic collections, from individual photographs to entire photographic collections. Find out how to use these often under-utilised assets or gain a new insight through innovative research. I also use historic photographic processes including the Wet plate process, and can design education programmes for all ages showing these exciting methods.